This blog is about me…and the affairs I have…


6 Responses to About

  1. Where have you gone? Better have some good stories when you come back!

  2. Ice smith says:

    Hi there…is there any way i can email you as i want to ask something . I guess your point of view would make my mind clear..i hope you can send me an email so i can reply with my question … I just badly needed to talk to someone …Thanks … Hope to hear from you…

  3. eternal says:

    C.X. Love, cold heart but it will thaw when it burns in hell when you feel all the pain you’ve been partially responsible for by partaking in perpetuating such behavior. We all meet our maker one day. Choice is yours yet still while yet here on earth. I hope you find out what real Love is and choose that instead.

  4. Meanother Alpha Female says:

    Still there?

  5. A says:

    I wish there was another way I could reach you. I’m having a similar issue, and can relate to you. I need to talk to someone.

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