A little (more) Q&A

WOW, so I guess someone with a crazy popular blog linked to my blog and my traffic has been crazy ever since (2,000+ views a day) but I’ve gotten quite a few emails (thank you for the compliments) and quite a few questions…so I’ll address a few of them here (especially the ones that have been asked multiple times)….

Q:  Are you really a female?
A:  LOL yes, there are a few guys who regularly read my blog who know I am really a female and know me in real life (maybe one or two will comment on this post)

Q:  Do I really hate men?
A:  It’s more of a can’t live with them, can’t live without them hate…I have just come to not think highly of them between everyday life and the ones who are willing to have affairs…I’m not saying women are “proven” better than men but I’m a female LOL don’t you always think you’re right or better for that matter in these arguments?

Q:  Do I care if people find out who I am?
A:  Not really, out of respect I don’t put these men on blast that I sleep with on the internet or in their regular life but if things do come out well…so be it….I clearly didn’t post on the internet with high hopes of privacy or anything

Q:  Have I ever had my heartbroken by a married man?
A:  No, and to this date I never will…I tend to follow really strict rules for the married men I am willing to get involved with and how I and they will conduct themselves…I also do not consider sex something to attach to emotional value to so it doesn’t quite make me “bond” with the person on any sort of deep level…one lady who commented on my blog told me to never say never about the heartbreak but I’m pretty sure I won’t ever get that way with a married man…these relationships are so different than any man I’ve ever dated (and yes, I’ve had my heart broken by men I have dated seriously but those men were not married)

Q:  Do you have any morals?
A:  I guess very low ones by some people’s standards but I’m not sure one can be judged by their sexual activity…I am honest almost to a fault (I won’t even lie to a wife who directly asks me questions), I’ll be the first person to admit when I’m wrong and cheating, stealing, etc are things I would never do so I’m not sure how you judge morals in your mind but I don’t think I’m the worst person in the world

Q:  Are you narcissistic? 
A:  I would have to say no, I do see a therapist regularly and I am not as self centered in real life as I come off in my writing…I’m not sure if that question was asked because I occasionally comment about keeping myself and my body looking good…I should clarify that I don’t think I have a PERFECT body but I am in amazing shape (sorry, it’s the truth) and I work hard to keep myself looking that way mainly because I think everyone feels better when they look their best (I know I do)……..if it was asked because my writing comes off as being self centered, well I wrote this blog for me and if people want to read it, that’s great and I really love that but it’s my blog so I feel this is the one place I can be extremely self centered and care only about my own thoughts…..I will say though I am noticing the people who get ahead quickly in life are the ones who care about themselves first and put their own needs first in most situations so maybe a bit of being self centered isn’t the worst thing in the world…

Q:  Why only married men?
A:  I don’t only sleep with married men (ugh I guess it’s time for me to just blog about other things or life in general…I don’t focus my life on sex with married men) but I guess that you were looking for a deeper answer…I am not sure I have one but I found out from a young age that this arraignment with married men works well for me especially since I’m not too keen on relationships……as for the typical daddy issues, I had the best dad ever…jealousy issues, no, because I’m thoroughly happy for my friends in relationships and I do not TOUCH men who are with women that I have any sort of loyalty to…

Q:  Do you have sex for money?
A:  No!  Not just because that’s illegal and dangerous but it seems a bit too awkward of a way to have sex….I guess some might consider my sugar daddy relationships sex for money but I don’t they’re quite different but everyone has their own opinions…

Q:  Do you have your own job and make your own money or do you only rely on sugar daddies?
A:  I have my own job (but my college degree was partially paid for by a sugar daddy) and I make my own money…I would hate to actually be dependent on anyone to live

Q:  Do you plan on doing this forever?
A:  I barely plan my vacations out ahead of time to plan my sex life out is a bit odd…I don’t think I’ll do this forever because there is no way I could…

Q:  Why don’t you post more often?
A:  I only post when I have something to say worthwhile (to me at least…idk what other people think about posts) and something slightly significant…I don’t think this blog needs to be about every text, phone call, visit, etc I ever get it would be tedious and boring at that point but maybe I’ll blog about another topic also

Q:  Do you get a lot of hate mail?
A:  Not usually…a lot of women disagree with what I do and most are respectful about it and I get a lot of people who want to tell me I’m a terrible person and psychoanalyze me but this blog is first and foremost for me so I don’t care too much about negative messages I get

So hopefully the main questions have been answered and if not send me an email or leave it in the comments…I’ll get around to answering it at some point….


About C.X.Love

I'm the woman that most females hate...I am the other woman in your relationship or in some cases just the woman your husband had an affair with...this MY side of the story, not that you care but maybe some of you can protect your relationships from me...or maybe some of you will just be entertained because my life is amazing...
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15 Responses to A little (more) Q&A

  1. Mr.Majestrix says:

    As a Single Black Man who only has “relations” with married white women I can relate to a lot of your posts. For some reason I am a magnet for White Women (not a bad thing). But like you, if the woman or man isn’t happy they will seek out something that will. 
    One lady I was seeing said her husband would come home and she would try to talk and be intimate; but all he would do is say I’m busy. His idea of busy was playing online poker on Facebook. So when a guy like acutally has a conversation with them they are like fair game.  Also if you are taking care of yourself by working out an dressing nice that isn’t “narcissism” thats called having self pride and high self esteem for yourself. I wonder if I am a bad person for what I do. I like sex and love women. We are all adults and accountable for our actions. I have even asked why aren’t they hanging out with their husbands like we hang. They say he like do things anymore. I ask if they talk to them about the issues and they say try but end up being called needy. So wanting to communicate to your partner is “needy”, so I am filling a void the men are leaving open.

  2. 39joshua says:

    You’re trying to live The Unbearable Lightness of Being lifestyle, of trying to be beyond commitments to men. It’s not going to work – you’re simply going to end up utterly jaded, unable to love anybody as well as experience love (even if you do manage to reel in some guy, you won’t be able to love). If you really are motivated by self-interest, then I would stop now before it’s too late (Assuming, of course, that you’re being truthful in your pensees, which I somewhat doubt).

    • C.X.Love says:

      Thanks for your concern but my life works for me…and you can doubt all you want but I’m honest in relationships and give full disclosure…luckily I don’t really have to worry about what you doubt because I know the truth and what I do…

  3. Sally says:

    Do a google search on private man, he blogged about you:-

    The Most Remarkable Blog I Have Read But Won’t Link To

    I have stumbled across a most extraordinary blog while reading comments elsewhere. I’m not providing a link but I’m sure my readers will dig it up on their own. It’s the blog of a young, single woman who has gone through quite a few husbands who are not hers. She’s in her 20s and seems a magnet for husbands. This is part of her About page:

    I almost exclusively sleep with married men but my attitude always has been and always will be “if your man doesn’t care about your relationship, why should I?

    She finishes up her About page with:

    I think divorce lawyers owe me a commission.

    Oh yeah, this blog is pure gold and I’m afraid she’ll eventually get outed. Some other Manosphere bloggers have found her and I’m disappointed in myself for not finding it sooner.

    She writes quite extensively about her relationships with married men and she actually tries to reach some conclusions about husbands, wives, and marriages. It’s all quite remarkable because she describes how the affairs start and the personalities of the people involved, including the wives because she sometimes knows the wives. The whole blog is simply stunning.

    From one of her posts, I pulled the following three paragraphs. The first paragraph serves to introduce more of who she is. The second two paragraphs she really does nail down well why a husband might be unfaithful.

    I personally am lucky enough to have the body of a runway model (thanks to an amazing personal trainer, a fairly good idea of what to eat and decent genes) but I’m nothing special…I rarely wear makeup, I am very girlie when I dress but I do not keep my nails done 24-7 and I only hit the salon once a week for my hair….I can tell the few women who have seen me have sized me up immediately and wondered “ew, why her?” or “she’s not really more attractive than me, is she?” the short answer is no, I am not…I am nothing special…I am like every other female, fairly average with a few special talents and honestly most likely nothing like you. So why did your husband pick me? I sadly cannot answer that for EVERYONE but there seem to be some common things I have noticed about men.

    -I am easy to talk to…I think this has to do with my personality (I am EVERYONE’S best friend) but even so I’ve noticed plenty of men have conversations with me that should be saved for their wife…I hear it all from men…fears, problems, daily stress, marriage issues, issues with children, thoughts in general, etc…I’ve asked a few men why they do not speak to their wives about these things and they are quick to say “she doesn’t understand me” (no one understand men, wtf do they expect?!), “she’s not as easy to talk to as you are”, “she’s so judgmental” (women, we often want men to listen to us “just talk” so why don’t we do it for them?), “I can’t connect with her”, etc… This is something to consider women, every long term affair I have ever had has started off as an emotional affair and even if you’re speaking to your husband, are you connecting with him?

    -I am “fun”and I love to sexually satisfy the man I’m with…I have mastered the art of flirting with men..I enjoy sexy lingerie when men are around…I am a complete freak in bed…these are all things I hear men complain about wives not doing, refusing to do or being so reluctant to do that it would never be enjoyable for a man…I question women who refuse to sexually satisfy their men…I often hear of women putting their husband on sex restrictions or flat out refusing to do things in bed that their husband enjoys…I feel as if these women are setting themselves up to be cheated on…men will be men and I am not advocating turning yourself into someone you’re not to please your husband (he should know the real you anyway) but he should be satisfied and know you find him attractive…this won’t make your relationship “cheat proof” but it’s one less urge he’ll look to other women to fulfill

    The first reason is about wives not being respectful enough connect with him by just talking and listening. It’s also about a wife simply being friendly and warm with her husband. Lose that connection, lose that friendliness, she might lose that husband. It’s also very telling that this is the first reason the mistress blogger gives.

    The second reason is the sex and this is obvious. But to see it presented from the very woman the husband goes to gives it far more validity. Do married women not understand this? For every wife that doesn’t complete satisfy her husband, there’s a potential affair with the very type of woman who authors the blog. Husbands have been preaching this for so long that I guess wifely ears are now deaf to it.

    I’m not going to judge the author of the blog even though she claims that women are superior to men. So much information gathering and observations recorded should be encouraged.

    Frankly, I think this blog should be a Manosphere secret.

  4. 39joshua says:

    Thanks for your response. Although I despise your lifestyle you do seem to have some decency in spite of it – I wish you the best. You might look at the blog The Social Pathologist, maintained by an Australian doctor who has written quite eloquently recently about the psychological dangers of having sex with multiple partners (He cites studies).

  5. While I don’t ever agree with adultery CX, I think you bring incredibly important insights to the Manosphere (and I’m sure to women spheres as well). The way you lay out the way women think who like affairs is invaluable.

    • C.X.Love says:

      Thank you and that was the point of my blog…not to have people agree with me, pity me or even feel sorry for me…but just to give people a view into the other woman’s mind…it’s not something most women who are cheated on get to see…

  6. Ariella says:

    Like I have said before, for some reason, I just do not hate you. . .YET. . .LOL! I’m serious though. Maybe its because you do not become obsessed with the married men and are not a psycho. I hate to say it like this, but it seems as though you do very well with playing your position. . .

    Sadly, I find myself wishing John would have cheated with a woman like you. However, I find myself wishing even more that John never cheated in the first place. . . IJS. . .

  7. Ariella says:

    I have a question two questions for you and I am not sure if you will answer them, or if they are even appropriate but. . .

    How old are you, and what race are you? I am assuming your black and in your early 30’s. Im just courious. . .

  8. Socialkenny says:

    Yea,your blog views has spiked because of me of course. Who did you think?

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