Do I occasionally think more about your marriage than your husband?

HEA texted me earlier this week and kept flirting for awhile then asked if he could stop by because he missed me…I told him that was fine and asked him when he wanted to come over and he said he was at dinner with his wife, I realized how much of his time had been spent ignoring her while they were at dinner together and I told him to stop being rude and pay attention to her (I don’t like the woman but he shouldn’t be so disrespectful either)…he responded with I don’t give a f**k about what she thinks, part of me wishes she would read my phone now and just leave so I could come see you now…..I told him I was going to ignore him until I knew he was finished with dinner because he had no right to be so disrespectful to his wife and he could call me when he was on his way.  He called me about an hour later and said that he was on his way so when he got here he asked if he could smoke so we went up to my rooftop area and sat for a bit…I told him regardless of what he does with me he needs to be a bit a respectful of his wife even if I don’t like her, he’s cheating on her and making her feel ignored and unloved isn’t something I’m okay with (I’m really not a fan of men, so I want to smack most of them when I hear they are belittling women)…he said he saw where I was coming from but it’s hard to care about her when he thinks about me nonstop…I told him that he was just consumed with fantasy thoughts and he said no I know how I feel, you’re dangerous and I could fall in love with you.  I laughed him off and he asked about getting into the hot tub, so we stripped down and got in for a little bit…he asked if we could go back to my bedroom and I told him that if he went home smelling like another woman and sex it would just be a slap in the face to his wife that she didn’t deserve……he asked a few more times and I told him no….so we sat for awhile and he said he told his wife he had run out to get a few things from the store (he had been sitting at my condo for 3 hours though) so I told him that he should probably go home after hitting the store first…..when we got out and he commented on how perfect my body looks and how he gets annoyed and slightly that some of his co-workers and other customers have asked if “his friend” (being me) is single…I laughed him off and told him he should go before his wife started wondering where he was…..he eventually got home and sent me a text that he was so happy to see me tonight and he realizes more and more how much he married the wrong person the more he spends time with me…..

I’m seriously not sure what goes through HEA’s mind…he’s not the first married man to be infatuated with me but seriously the crap of putting down a wife who is already being played gets SO old (and I don’t even like this b*tch)…not to mention he acts like we’d have this amazing relationship together if he up and left his wife…I don’t understand how men get into this fantasy world with affairs and risk a somewhat good relationship for a fantasy….

BB is another one who luckily at least realizes he loves his wife and has tried to have sex with me a few times since the one time that we crossed a serious line in our friendship but last night he mentioned that part of him wishes at times it wouldn’t work out with his wife and he and I could be together…he thinks we have a perfect relationship (duh, we’re friends) and I know him and connect with him more then anyone he knows (um, whatever…) and as much as he loves his wife he wishes she would find another man and just leave him so he wouldn’t feel guilty for being with me (why does he assume I’d want to be with him?!)…even last night he stopped by and got into bed with me and we cuddled for awhile before I told him that he needed to get home before his wife woke up…

I don’t pretend to care too much about other people’s relationships but I do not think highly of men so I hate the ones who feel they can just put down women (even the ones I don’t like)…I might not care about a marriage I am not involved in but a wife is already being cheated on she shouldn’t fee unloved, used, unwanted, etc………


About C.X.Love

I'm the woman that most females hate...I am the other woman in your relationship or in some cases just the woman your husband had an affair with...this MY side of the story, not that you care but maybe some of you can protect your relationships from me...or maybe some of you will just be entertained because my life is amazing...
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17 Responses to Do I occasionally think more about your marriage than your husband?

  1. Ariella says:

    ummm, I just don’t get it. . .I will never understand your way of thinking! smdh. . .

    • C.X.Love says:

      at the risk of sounding rude and not intending it at all…I guess at least we’re on the same page LOL because I don’t understand your way of thinking either…

      • Ariella says:

        I guess, but the only person I am hurting is myself. . .not someone else. . .

      • C.X.Love says:

        If you want to get technical you’re risking hurting your children by keeping them in a household with a toxic relationship…IDK I don’t try to judge other families…..and honestly even if I said no to these men, is the realistic thinking that they would stop cheating? I can tell you now that isn’t how it works…

      • Ariella says:

        No, your right, they will still cheat. . . If I was drunk and thought to drive, I could justify saying, well everyone else will still drive drunk even if I don’t drive. . . but guess what? I would not drive drunk! I know that is not how it works and I know women will still continue to sleep with married men. I just don’t get it! Forgetting morals, what do you get out of it? Because the truth is, if my relationship were to end tomorrow, I would be crying. . .all the way to the BANK. . . IJS. . .

      • C.X.Love says:

        LOL sorry not laughing at you but that reminded me of that song Hit ‘Em Style from awhile ago….as for what I get out of it umm regular sex without a relationship and without the annoying drama I have to deal with when it comes to single men and if you haven’t noticed maybe it’s because I don’t touch on it much the men I have affairs with aren’t like your husband and that psycho bitch he is with…it’s sorta like having a few bitch men at my beckoned call…they’re willing to spend money, spend time and pretty much do what I want/need…I get all that and don’t have to worry about a relationship…I’m sure you can judge me even harder for that but I don’t particularly care….I’m not gonna lie it’s a little pathetic how a decent amount of these men will do pretty much anything I ask of them…but I don’t think highly of the idiot things with idiot penises hanging off of them that we’re forced to deal with in our society so I use them when I need them and I use being female to my advantage

  2. Ariella says:

    And as far as my kids? They have known nothing but a happy home. . .

  3. Ariella says:

    Maybe you don’t get attached, and maybe I am just judging, but I have not come across a bitch that wasn’t psycho. I mean, this one takes psycho to a whole nother lever, however, most of them had a difficult time letting go but nothing like this lunatic. I just don’t buy that someone can just have sex with someone regularly and not catch feelings. Maybe you can, I just don’t see it.

    It is just a headache for us “wives”. Do you have any idea how much self control I must have on a daily basis, because if I did what I wanted to?!?!?!?! I have not contacted this woman once since the initial meeting and a few days after that when I rolled up to a bar in an attempt to knock her out. She is a pain in my ass and I can’t stand her. I guess I just imagine every mistress acts like she does. I have also heard it all, they buy me this and blah blah blah. It just would not be worth it for me to get a few dollars from someone elses husband. I don’t know. I have never been the “cheater”.

    John and I are different. We don’t do therapy, although I think it would be beneficial. We don’t have lists of boundaries and we do not discuss the affair. We have been together for 6 years and we still have people come up to us and make little comments. The waitress at Fridays last week wanted to know if it was our first date because we were both blushing. Its crazy. People ask me all the time, “Ariella, he looks at you like your the only woman in the world to him.” Haha, if they only knew.

    I know people think I am crazy for staying wtih him, but at least I have my perks and although I would have rahtered a faithful man then a brand new Lexus, at least I get something for my pain and suffering. John hates spending money, and cheating for his has been quite costly. Sounds crazy, but I said the other night, I hate cheating, I hate what you do, and next time I catch you cheating its going to cost you $5000. He looked at me like I was crazy, but I am serious. Im not going to leave him, might as well hit him where it really hurts. Thats my therapy and boundaries I guess. Does it make it better. Nope, but this seems to be the only punishment that I am able to stick with.

    What I am saying is, at least I get something out of it. Trust me, I would rather be broke with a faithful man then in my situation now, but I know I will not leave. May as well get something out of it. . .

    • C.X.Love says:

      IDK I’m not narcissistic but I focus on myself all the time, a real relationship gets in the way of that plus I just don’t have the trust towards men that is needed for a relationship….I don’t have much beyond a friendship with these men some of them say I’m their “best” friend but I think that’s just my personality within my circle of friends I am also everybody’s “best” friend….I have very specific rules for the affairs I decide to involve myself in (one night stands excluded but I don’t have many of those) and I maintain boundaries within them which I think are important….I also know some women fall for the whole “I’m leaving my wife” act which is stupid…

      I guess it’s self control for the wife not to come after girls like me (the concept of women fighting is just tacky to me it’s something I would almost NEVER do unless someone was about to injure my family or something) but realistically when I see why a wife needs self control it all goes back to their husband…not ending the affair properly, starting the affair to begin with, not putting their foot down when a psycho bitch doesn’t stop harassing them, etc.

      As far as a few dollars ummm let’s put that figure more at a few thousand dollars (I don’t like poor men and I don’t deal with poor men) and I see where you’re coming from…and I don’t “need” a man around or these men to support my lifestyle, I make excellent money but it’s much more fun to spend someone else’s…

      • Ariella says:

        It sure is. . . But as far as that psycho bitch, its not about John anymore, its personal between her and I. We talked woman to woman and she runs around town running her mouth about me. Of course, she doesn’t have much she can say except for “I can’t believe she stays with a fucking cheater.” However she wants my man? Go figure.

        As far as fighting tacky or not, I would LOVE to punch her in the face! And that is coming from a woman who well let’s just say if you knew me, you would never think I was the type of woman to roll up to a bar in an attempt to knock a bitch out! I can’t stand her, she is not even on my level, but I would LOVE to hit her just once!
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      • C.X.Love says:

        I learned a long time ago…emotional pain hurts worse than physical and takes MUCH longer to heal from…if you’re thinking of getting someone back there’s no point in hitting them…break them 😉

      • Ariella says:

        I know. She expected me to call her and she probably wants me too. However, I won’t give in to her. She is such a loser, with nothing going for her. . . One of the reason I stay, because it kills them. They want to break us up and its never going to happen. When and if I decide to leave it will be because I’m done. Not due to some psycho bitch. . .
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  4. TaffLassDating says:

    Just discovered your fantastic blog. I love it. Do you tweet?

  5. “..I told him I was going to ignore him until I knew he was finished with dinner because he had no right to be so disrespectful to his wife and he could call me when he was on his way.”

    Do you not realise how contradictory that is?

    You don’t want him disrespecting his wife at the dinner table, but it’s ok for him to ring you back when he’s coming over! I am just mind-buzzled with that.

    Once again, (from his attitude expressed above) you sure know how to pick them – another selfish, rude, ignorant jerk-faced-loser. Are you not seeing the trend here?

    Also you always mention how you don’t trust men because they are all the same and not worth it etc, but obviously you tend to go after the guys who fall into that category. The guys who badmouth and chat shit about their wives, yet you still give them the time of day.

    • C.X.Love says:

      I see what you mean but it’s more of I’m not gonna let him directly rub his being an asshole in her face….as for me I’m not dating him or doing anything serious with him and he doesn’t treat me like s**t….I just don’t want him rubbing in my face that he’s treating her like s**t and thinking it’s gonna make him look cool to me….

      As for men who do this stuff…it’s basically that I feel all men are capable of cheating…as of right now I NEVER pursue men or intentionally go after married men but if I put effort into finding married men they’d be like a half a cent a dozen (if that)

  6. CX haven’t posted in a while…for the year actually. What’s up girl? What have you so busy unless you’re snagging more husbands away from their wives 🙂

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