Husbands rethinking an affair

I notice a lot of women seem to wonder if their men ever think about them during an affair and want to stop it…well I now have a new affair buddy so I figured he was a good one to write about this topic with…it’s almost a perfect situation of a guy remembering he is married at the last second and still not being sure what he wants to do.


HEA is a casual friend I’ve known for a good 4 years because he manages the place I get my car serviced at…he never showed any serious type of interest in me until recently which sort of struck me as odd because he knew me before he took his vows.  As for his wife, J, she never liked me but she’s the overly jealous type so that never really bugged me, plus a lot of females get overly jealous of women like me so that never bothered me….anyways, HEA decided to come hang out with me today since he had the day off, he got to my condo and immediately wanted to watch TV in my room, so he got in my bed (instead of on any other seating option in my room) and immediately started cuddling with me (still pretty harmless but clearly an indication that he wanted something to happen…right?).  Well, cuddling lead to him starting to undress me and he stopped and said “I can’t do this, I wouldn’t want my wife doing this with another man”…for those of you who think I “force” married men this should be proof enough I don’t, I immediately got out of my bed and started getting dressed and told him to go chill in my living room for a min or he could leave if he wanted to but I wanted him to get out of the situation since he’d already made a decision not to do something but he said he wanted to go get lunch somewhere…

We got lunch which was nice of him and he ended up talking about how he hated his wife’s jealousy because up until today he had never done anything wrong or even come close to it…he even went into the history of his relationship with her and how she pushed most of his friends out of his life early on in the relationship without him realizing it until it was too late (his co-workers had even made comments about her being psycho jealous and that’s pretty bad to me when other men realize these things)…so he decided to come back to my condo after we got lunch and I asked him if he was sure about this so we ended up back in my condo….I kept him in the living room this time but he asked if we could go back in my bedroom…once again, I asked him if he was sure about this and he paused for a second and then said yes….so clearly his mind had changed from a few hours earlier because we ended up having sex which was extremely awkward since he mentioned how he wished his wife could satisfy him as well as I was…

So after that he laid next me talking about how he couldn’t believe he’d just done that and he didn’t feel right about it…I asked him if he felt guilty and he said no, he just didn’t feel right having sex with me because he knew he wasn’t gonna leave his wife for me (DUH!) and he was dealing with already having feelings for me (where the f**k did these feelings come from?!) and adding a physical aspect was only gonna make things worse…so I sorta encouraged him to leave after that (there’s no room for emotions in affairs and it’s just a dangerous area to tread on) and he’s been texting me ever since…


So, he’s one case of a man trying to decide last minute not to have an affair for whatever reason and then still deciding to go through with it…I’m not sure if wives find it comforting to know their husband didn’t fully forget about them or if it’s better to think he went through temporary insanity whenever he slept with another woman (I’d personally hate to realize it was a fully conscious decision if it was my husband) but clearly HEA really thought this through and decided he wanted to do it.  I’ve never had a guy outright stop and decide not to go through with one but a few men have done what HEA did and have had odd/random thoughts of their wives when they’re with me…and maybe one or two (like BB) have realized right after it was the worst mistake of their life (which I think in that case an affair should never be revealed) but I think most men will rethink an affair at some point (especially if it’s their first)…


About C.X.Love

I'm the woman that most females hate...I am the other woman in your relationship or in some cases just the woman your husband had an affair with...this MY side of the story, not that you care but maybe some of you can protect your relationships from me...or maybe some of you will just be entertained because my life is amazing...
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8 Responses to Husbands rethinking an affair

  1. Socialkenny PUA says:

    Wait,what is this dude trying?

    What does he want?

    He had the opportunity to bang you but he wanted to go lunch instead?

    I get that he’s hesitant,but what does he want?

  2. What makes me laugh is that you mention a lot about how loads of women don’t like you. But they obviously have reason – you sleep with half their husbands. Even the ones you haven’t slept with they obviously get the vibe from you, or maybe you flirt with their husbands in-front of them? So they all have reason not to like you, and you prove them right most of the time.

    Like the majority of the guys you have talked about in your blog, this one seems like a complete prat as well. He has problems but thinks that having sex with someone else will help? Stupid man.

    • C.X.Love says:

      Decent enough points you make but you’re a bit off…even single women tend to be intimidated by me and if I am friends or even have a SLIGHT bit of loyalty to a female her man is OFF LIMITS. I haven’t blogged about it yet but friend’s husbands and boyfriends have tried and that was the worst mistake of their lives…so J in this case would’ve done well to befriend me or even been a decent person to me because I wouldn’t have done this with her man, in fact part of the reason I did it was because she’s been such a bitch to me so it’s mildly amusing to me.

      Women don’t like women like me because I intimidate them for the most part and even my female friends have told me that about their first time meeting me…as for insulting this man, well I have never thought highly of men so you’re not telling me anything I didn’t know, I think all men are pretty stupid…LOL

      • Good to know your loyal to your friends. Hope you taught those guys a lesson.

      • C.X.Love says:

        I think there are few things in the world more sacred than the bonds we share with our female friends…they are sisters that our heart picked and that’s just as special to me as the bond I have with my biological sisters…

  3. Socialkenny says:

    @Beltway Girl-Lol you are so treacherous!I meant that in a good way.

    I know a lot of women hate you and your actions,but the men are to be blamed too for banging you.

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