Nice guys finish last because most act creepy!

Now, this isn’t a blog entry I was planning to write (it’s way off the topic of my normal blogs) but a guy came up to some of my friends and I the other night at the bar while we were eating dinner and whined that he wanted to be more like my male friends…he dubbed them “assholes” (I can see how they could come off as this but they aren’t) and said he wanted to be more like them.  They have no issues talking to women, can pick up women wherever they go, get p*ssy when they want it and honestly have no issues getting into relationships when they want one.  I broke it down for this guy as nicely as possible on why as a nice guy he could NEVER get into the league that my male friends were in and he actually started crying…um, I’m not heartless but seriously, I don’t have balls and if a guy is crying over something I would cry over as a female then there’s an issue…so here is my list for all the nice guys out there of why you’re finishing last….you don’t have to stop being nice mind you, you just need to stop being creepy…I’m sure that a few of “the alpha men” and the “the pick up” artists will have a lot to say about this post since they hate women giving men dating advice but I am damn well qualified to do so since I am a woman who seems to think like a man…

-STOP BLOWING UP OUR PHONES…if you are not a close friend, a boyfriend or family…you have NO RIGHT to blow up our phone, yes, we enjoy knowing a man is interested in us as women but interested does not come in the form of 10000000 texts/calls per day right in the beginning…that just annoys the crap out of us and wants to make us throw our phones out of the window while we’re driving 70mph on the highway…..seriously a few texts a week is all it takes! 

-Stop allowing yourselves to be used…when you meet a woman, you most likely do not think one who open her legs the second you meet her is relationship material…the same goes for a man that opens his wallet and overspends on us trying to impress us.  This is all relative now because most of my friends including myself are fairly successful so when one of my male friends buys an entire bar a round of drinks so many women have immediately thought OMG he wants me (over ONE drink, seriously?!)…however if within the first few hours/days of meeting us you’re paying for everything under the sun and giving up everything to be around us and at our beckoned call…we as females know we can use you.  Especially if you allow us to make plans with you and continuously cancel without cutting us off…

-Don’t hang all over us…yes, you know us at some point, yes we’re friends (maybe?) but at no point should you feel the need to join yourself at the hip the second you see us in public…don’t hang all over us and become a second shadow, that is creepy and annoying and NO ONE wants to put up with that

-Have your own interests…it is not up to us to entertain you 24/7…I personally love autonomy in any relationship and when a man makes it overly known that if he’s not out with me or talking to me he has nothing to do and whines about being bored and missing me (there is a fine line here, a nice I miss you if you’re interested is nice but only ONE and even then don’t push it unless it’s getting serious) then I want him to get a damn life…..even if you don’t have a life…freakin fake it…

-Watch how you treat your “friends”…a common thing with so called “nice” guys is they bend over backwards for women who use them and shit on their friends until the current user has dumped them and upset them for the last time…we as women will notice this and you will come off as an asshole but not a self confident asshole that makes a man attractive…just an asshole who doesn’t know how to treat people…stop doing it!

-STOP CARING WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK ABOUT YOU! (this goes for men and women)  This is easier said than done but the easiest way to start doing this is to start living by the mindset of “what other people think about me is none of my business”…beyond that there are basic ways to do this…if someone doesn’t like you, that’s their issue…ignore them…..don’t go out of the way to try and be everyone’s friend…when you concern yourself with stupid stuff, you stress about stuff and then you whine about stupid stuff…

-Act like a man…if a woman wants a heart to heart she has female friends…if a woman wants someone to be overly emotional she has female friends…if a woman finds a man who is always indecisive, insecure, whiny and annoying well your ass is gonna get friend zoned because we associate you with our female friends…men do not act like women…get that through your head…I can’t actually tell you how to be a man because well, I’m a woman but maybe you can learn from someone if you’re not grasping the concept


Okay…this post was far off from my normal posts but I’m seriously sick of hearing about how nice guys finish last…well these reasons are most likely some of the reasons you’re finishing last…you don’t have to stop being a “nice” guy…you just need to be someone a woman wants to be with…and for goodness sakes…don’t ask about yourself then start crying!


About C.X.Love

I'm the woman that most females hate...I am the other woman in your relationship or in some cases just the woman your husband had an affair with...this MY side of the story, not that you care but maybe some of you can protect your relationships from me...or maybe some of you will just be entertained because my life is amazing...
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34 Responses to Nice guys finish last because most act creepy!

  1. Socialkenny says:

    I have to tweet this BTW.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    We don’t mine women giving us advice.Just not the same lame advice that mommy would give us.

    Well well well,your 7 points were actually solid advice as you would expect me to agree with.

    I really can’t say anything bad here.

  3. Socialkenny says:

    We don’t mine women giving us advice.Just not the same lame advice that mommy would give us.

    Well well well,your 7 points were actually solid advice as you would expect me to agree with.

    I really can’t say anything bad here.

    And did that guy really cried?Hard for me to believe.

  4. thealphalife says:

    CX, I finally found the time to read it. This is a good post. It covers some very important issues with “beta males”: acting whiny, trying to impress and caring more about others than themselves. I think it condenses to one singular issue:


    “There are people who like you and the rest should go to hell” also does the trick.

    Thanks for your female insight on that. Totally hits the point. I will reblog it to spread the word.

  5. thealphalife says:

    Reblogged this on The Alpha Life and commented:
    I usually don’t want to reblog, but THIS is important for all men. And women. The writer (a woman) totally hits the point. Totally. This is a piece of art.

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  7. Hey, this is fantastic stuff. Have linked to it on my site.

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  9. LostSailor says:

    I’m sure that a few of “the alpha men” and the “the pick up” artists will have a lot to say about this post since they hate women giving men dating advice

    They don’t hate women giving advice to men, as long as it’s the right advice. Most of these “nice guys” got that way from listening to women about how to succeed at dating and relationships. It’s been ingrained in our society and culture for nearly 40 years now. Only recently has good advice started to seep out on the interwebs, but even when confronted with their lack of success and being shown how to actually succeed, they won’t listen.

    The guy in your post is a prime example: He senses that there is a problem and sees your male friends as successful, yet because of his years of social ineptness, he has no clue about how to fix himself. The red pill can be hard to swallow.

    Your recommendations are spot-on, and so quite welcome as it’s the right advice. Unfortunately, I doubt he is capable of listening.

    Nice guys don’t just finish last and never get laid, they end up crying in restaurants.

  10. Marellus says:

    … my splendid offended delicious capricious morose verbose captivating enervating Yellow Rose … from the Great State of Texas … you’re not from Texas … I wish you were though …

    • C.X.Love says:


      • Marellus says:


      • C.X.Love says:

        Texas? I don’t follow that comment…

      • Marellus says:

        … dunna fash youself about this luv … dunna fash youself … really … now you put on yer combat mascara … now you switch on that ‘bitch’ button of yours … now you take a long hard swallow from that bottle full of the good stuff … and you eat a chocolate … oh yes luv … you’re gonna eat a chocolate … it’s ok …it is really ok … because now yer ready for a post … a good post … the very best of posts … the type of post that leaves me with no choice but to call you an Honorary Texan … and one more thing luv … it is the most important thing … it is a heartfelt thing … and for me as I write this, the only thing … MOVE YOUR BLOOMIN ARSE …

  11. leo barstad says:

    The men you are describing are neither creepy nor are they failures. The reason they have no success with women like you is because they are better human beings than you are and, like all truly decent people, they don’t even know it.

    The reason you don’t like them is because they remind you how lacking in humanity you truly are.

    First, you criticize them for calling too much. God forbid a person should actually be enthusiastic about another human being.

    Second, you criticize them for being too easily used. What a terrible souls they are, are actually trusting other human beings.

    Third you are annoyed they want to focus on you when they see you. They are open about their emotions and enthusiasms. How horrible.

    It goes on. They actually care what people think about them. This is the definition of respect, but never mind that.

    The real reason you hate them is because again and again the display the openness and innocence of children, and that is something you lost a long time ago, or maybe never had. It makes you look ridiculous by comparison, so you have to twist it around to make it look like inferiority on their part.

    Don’t worry about them. They will be fine. They are still capable of experiencing all the deepest and most meaningful human emotions, and you are not, and they are a million times better off being hurt and sent away by someone like you than having you in their lives.

    The reason you get away with it is not because you are clever or daring, but because they are so innocent and pure that they cannot even conceive of people who are not like them. That you treat them badly actually protects them from people like you.

    You are operating under the assumption that you are some kind of prize, but for them you are less than nothing, just a jolt of badness in their lives. The reason they pursue you is because they assume other people are like them. They cannot conceive of another human being with so little heart.

    By punishing them for their goodness, you repel them eventually, but this is actually in their best interests.

    • C.X.Love says:

      Thanks for your opinion but if that was the case…why do these men have such a hard time getting women? I’m not specifically talking about me either since you dislike me so much…this guy had been used/dissed/blown off by 7 different women in the past year…guess I do have an idea of what women want better than he does…I guess you just need to do what works for you in your life and I’ll do what works for me in mine…

      • Van Dussen says:

        Because women are innately disloyal and outside of a rigid religious/communist community they will back-stab the men in their lives if any perceived gain could result. I only have a few women who are “just friends” in my life and they aren’t very high on the attractiveness scale. My one friend in particular is adamantly opposed to me dating girls in the 18-21 year old range. I’m 28 and she’s the same age. She brings up some valid points of mental development that doesn’t fully mature until age 25, etc. But then we watched the 1996 version of Romeo and Juliet and she couldn’t stop fawning and fantasizing over 20 year old Leonardo DiCaprio, how hot he is, how much she would give up to just be with him. Woman are so self-centered and superficial, anything that gives status credentials gets them buzzing. I’m a beta sometimes in recovery…I go back to full-blown beta when I realize the true pathological nature of women. I think of the woman I have banged, and sadly realize that they would have jumped on another cock had it been in the right place and the right time and said the right words. The fact that I have had to dumb myself down, and imitate being a rebel to get laid has worsened my opinion of women. Some people by nature and upbringing are more generous, friendly, polite, honest, humble and enthusiastic about life. The hottest chick I ever banged, talking to her the next day and giving her more of a taste of my true self, told me I was totally different than she imagined, that she was surprised that I was a good hearted guy. When I met her drunk at the loud, crowded nightclub she had a different idea of who I was. So basically she wanted to fuck an aloof Alpha asshole, and somehow in a drunken state she attributed those qualities to me. Acting in my true nature has gotten me great friendships but has never gotten me laid. Every time I’ve gotten laid was due to pretending to be more of an asshole, ignoring texts for longer, and forcing myself to act somewhat disinterested when really I was totally interested. It’s insane. I wish I could just be myself and meet a good women I actually like as a person.

      • C.X.Love says:

        You’re not acting disinterested you’re just not bugging us as often…I actually enjoy a text conversation with a guy but a million and a half texts in 5 minutes is annoying…and then if he knows I’m at work and I get the whole “hello, where are you?” “hello?” etc…that’s annoying…

        You’re not acting like an idiot hopefully to meet a good woman…I don’t deal with stupid men or poor men ever but are you looking for a relationship or a hook up?

        As for your friend hating girls in that age group…I kinda see her point all of my male friends tend to have drama with girls like that, those tend to be the girls who want a relationship after one hook up and won’t go away or take “I’m not interested in you” as an answer and I think finding someone hot and actually hooking up with them are two very different things….

        And I don’t think most women are disloyal I think most need to protect themselves…we’re still a “weaker” sex for the most part and maybe you know some two faced people but most women are extremely loyal (look at the amount of women who stay with cheaters) until you give them a reason not to be…

      • A Northern Observer says:

        Because being solid, reliable, honest and hardworking used to be valued in the relationship market. However, today’s women have such high expectations and entitlement issues that those high-value personal qualities don’t cut it any more – they expect / demand more, and when they don’t get it – it’s off into the dump with him.

        That’s why they don’t “get the girl”, they’ve been lied to about how things work, actually believed it, and now they’re paying the price for their trust.

        Personally I can’t help but wonder if they’re better off without the “pleasure” of the company of today’s women…

    • C says:

      sure is omega in here.

  12. Al says:

    Eh I am not going to defend this guy, but this is a fairly standard rant, I’ve heard all these complaints from women dozens of times before.

    If you want to know why I never get laid, it’s primarily because I am very uncomfortable taking risks in two particular scenarios: starting an initial conversation and touching someone for the first time. It’s not a physical thing. I’m athletic, lean, and have an attractive face. I’m not a 10 but am better-looking than most men. If I can get past the two difficult boundaries I mentioned, I do pretty well. If not: involuntary celibacy, for years at a time.

    I don’t blame women for my problems. I know what I can do to fix them and I’m working on it.

    But holy shit would my life be a lot easier if single women would (a) open up their body language in public places– eye contact and smiles make everyone’s life better (b) learn how to touch flirtatiously (elbow, arm, hand, knee, etc.) and otherwise passively signal interest (c) Stop ranting to ME about creepy crazy guys like THAT and lumping them in the same “niceguy” category as all men who have difficulty getting laid at will.

    (Also “be a man” is not really advice. Anyone who needs that advice probably doesn’t know what it means in the first place.)

    All that said– this is a fascinating blog and I’m glad I found it.

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  17. Lamont Cranston says:

    Actually, if women say they’re being creepy, they’re being creepy. But you have to remember that “creepy” is woman-code for “I’m getting attention from a man I don’t want attention from.” A dozen texts from George Cluny a day would bother very few women.

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  20. Send this boys into the military, it’ll make a man out of them

  21. John Hartwell says:

    This chick is way off. She is “so successful and her guy friends are do smooth” clearly she has low self esteem and is trying to brag.

  22. Johann Sebastian-Wilson says:

    No, maybe if a Female says a Guy is being creepy, she really feels creeped out. Funnily enough, Females tend not to like attention from Fellas who make their skin crawl

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