Using sex to get revenge (I do this a lot)

I remember the first day I met Todd’s wife, Colleen (names have been changed)…I immediately did not trust her but she was close to one of my best friends so I figured I’d give her a chance.  I used to listen to her whine about how her 7 month old son had passed away recently (I’m not heartless but I do not think EVERYONE you come across needs to know something like this) and listen to how perfect her marriage was (I always laugh when women think their marriage is perfect)…I was never jealous of Colleen, in fact jealousy is an emotion I do not think I’m capable of but I just got sick of her sneaky ways…when she originally met my friend they were co-workers but Colleen was eventually promoted over my friend.  Fast forward a few months and my friend called me in tears to tell me that her company was accusing her of stealing money but after a long investigation her company found that it was Colleen stealing money and trying to frame my friend.  I do not do well with people attack my friends or family and that was one of the worst things Colleen could have done because I was going to make her perfect marriage a living hell. 

It wasn’t hard for me to get close to Todd…he seemed quite willing to come over and do little odd jobs around my house and Colleen was entirely too happy to come with him (lack of trust?) but I’m not shy about flirting and I’ll flirt with a married man in front of his wife…Todd was no different.  I texted Todd one day and found out he was alone at his office and figured I’d stop by and see if I could get what I wanted from him.  When I got there Todd wasted no time flirting back with me and eventually had me sitting on his desk with his face in between my legs (luckily I rarely wear panties and I had planned this anyway)…I couldn’t stand Todd and was almost repulsed by him so his consistent efforts to make me have an orgasm went no where…I heard his cell phone ring many times during this but figured if he was ignoring it…I shouldn’t bother either…eventually I realized I’d have to have sex with him so I reached for my purse and grabbed a condom…still listening to him ignore his cell phone but as I played with the condom and stalled he went soft so he went right back to using his tongue to attempt to pleasure me so he could regain an erection (I honestly felt bad for him at this point he was so determined to make something happen that would never happen) but almost on cue his office door opened (this was extremely stupid of us to be doing it in an unlocked office but I didn’t work for the company so I figured this was his issue to deal with if his boss walked in) however I could not have planned this out better because it was Colleen who stormed in the door and stared at her husband standing there naked from his waist down…clearly doing something with me…I took her shock to my advantage as I pushed past her and said “we didn’t use a condom…I bet I could give him a healthy baby” before running to my car and calling my friend and laughing about what I had just done to get Colleen back. 


I know many people read this story and now think I need therapy and must be a sociopath but sex is the one thing I know very well and yes, I proudly use it as a weapon sometimes.  I know a few other women who do this and it’s not always anger directed towards a woman (sorry ladies, sometimes your man cheating was a result of him screwing someone over and someone like me being bitter about it).  Ladies should look at their marriage as something to protect…I always laugh when women like Colleen brag about their men and then show clear signs of insecurity it almost becomes a game for me to sleep with their husband just to knock them down a few pegs…I find these men the hardest to sleep with because normally I have no true attraction to them but sex is sex and nothing special in my world so I suck it up and have my fun. 



About C.X.Love

I'm the woman that most females hate...I am the other woman in your relationship or in some cases just the woman your husband had an affair with...this MY side of the story, not that you care but maybe some of you can protect your relationships from me...or maybe some of you will just be entertained because my life is amazing...
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10 Responses to Using sex to get revenge (I do this a lot)

  1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. This woman was obviously had her own issues by framing your friend, but then along with losing her young baby, why the need to stick the knife in deeper by getting sexual with her husband? Doesn’t that just bring you down to her level? But by the sounds of it, this guy sounds like a loser anyway, stupid of her to stick with someone who gives in so easily.

  2. Socialkenny says:

    “Sex is nothing special in the world”.

    I think that quote was the best of this article.

    Guys need to realize that there are massive amounts of women out there who just wanna fuck!They don’t put much thought in the process as being something grand or special.

    Women are capable to just having a fuck lol!!

    Am I wrong for saying that?

    • C.X.Love says:

      Not at all, it’s so true…for the most part I will make a man feel like he is my entire world when we’re having sex but sex isn’t anything special haha I think I’ve got more of a male mentality than a female mentality…in fact I know I do and this is why my female friends come to me for guy advice because I keep it real and my guy friends are like you’re a great best friend to have

  3. Kelly Plumb says:

    I was just wondering what your childhood was like? and if you have changed your mind on some of these things that you wrote as the years have gone by do you still not feel emotion such as jealousy for example? okay I’m really wondering what your child would look like? thank you

  4. Cyndi jensen says:

    Hey there isn’t nor one thing wrong with it sh e hot her karma in her face. I would have tackled u but that’s me. Lol she deserved it. But see her karma came back on her worse she got fired n probly had to pay the business back what she took. She us a dumb bitch. I’m sure she wasn’t innocent on the cheating thing. Women feel really inadequate about themselves gor a reason not just because we like feeling like this so guilt is what feed her drive to be a bitch. Lol I would so do it. But I will not fuck a a fat man to skinny yukky I can’t even get past the fact that either bones r showing or his rolls r getting I n the way of his dick. N is usesally small anyway so does nothing for me. I’ll get up N leave lol done it before.

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