Some positivity

So recently I’ve been asked to publish new posts and within that there was one person who asked if I ever believe that relationships work….the simple answer to that is YES but I believe very few relationships work so I figured every once in awhile I’ll do a post like this and post links to some relationship articles that I feel are worthwhile…

“Nine Psychological tasks for a good marriage”

I agree with all 9 of the ideas stated in this article…when I am able to get into a marriage and really tear one up it’s normally because of one these.

“Cuddling May Be Key to Long-Term Happy Relationship”

I completely agree with this article because all of the best relationships I have had are because my partner and I have almost always been militant about this type of intimacy.


And for a positive story….

I met a guy in a bar the other night and after buying me a few rounds of drinks and originally talking nonstop about his wife he started to get a bit touchy with me.  He mentioned the many years of their relationship and how they hadn’t all been amazing but they had done it all together and she happened to be out of town and asked me if I wanted to come over.  I thought about it at first (just because of the lack of safety) and before I could answer he politely rescinded his offer.  He mentioned how  even though he loved the fantasy of meeting a younger woman in a bar and taking her home he couldn’t do that to his wife because he loved her too much.  I was actually quite happy to hear this and I hope a few men can learn from this example.


About C.X.Love

I'm the woman that most females hate...I am the other woman in your relationship or in some cases just the woman your husband had an affair with...this MY side of the story, not that you care but maybe some of you can protect your relationships from me...or maybe some of you will just be entertained because my life is amazing...
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