Where are my morals?

Okay, so the one question I seem to get asked a lot is “do I feel bad knowing I’m hurting another female/family? etc” and my honest answer is no…

I look at it this way…your relationship is not my responsibility and yes, I think most of the married men I sleep with are dogs (in fact I do not think highly of men at all) but if I want to get off and your husband is willing to do so well it’s him that decided to weigh the pros and cons of your relationship and have an affair with me…..I guess that seems a bit harsh but outside of my friends and family I do not feel I have alliances to any females based on the fact that we share the same genitalia…

The other thing I sort of wanted to touch on in this post comes from a conversation I had with a friend last night…her husband’s best friend had been caught having an affair and she “felt bad” for the guy because of how he would be viewed by others from now…honestly I’ve never really understood why so many people seem to view men as these helpless idiots that are powerless against the “charms” of women…I think back to some of the men I’ve had affairs with they made conscious decisions to have an affair with me…starting with basic contact, dates, booking hotels, buying me gifts, right down to actually having sex with me and even taking it further into emotional affairs at times…I’ve never understood why people seem to sympathize with these men that obviously knew what their actions would lead to and they decided that a few minutes of pleasure with a women like me was more important than other relationships in their lives…so why is it all of a sudden everyone should care about their feelings?
I’m not saying that we should judge them or act like we’re all perfect but I don’t understand the sudden sympathy felt towards them…


About C.X.Love

I'm the woman that most females hate...I am the other woman in your relationship or in some cases just the woman your husband had an affair with...this MY side of the story, not that you care but maybe some of you can protect your relationships from me...or maybe some of you will just be entertained because my life is amazing...
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