Husband vs. Wife

So I just had a conversation with one of my amazing friends that I feel the need to slightly vent in this post.  It’s a bit off topic but it’s something I’ve noticed about women and she has also…

A good friend of mine we’ll call him S hit me up the other night and told me his wife would probably be in need of a good friend when I asked him why he told me point blank that last night he rolled over in bed and told her point blank she was not pleasing him in bed and he was going to start sleeping with other women.  He explained that it’s something he was going to do and it was not a topic that was up for discussion in his mind but he would be careful not to rub it in her face and he would make sure she would never know who it was with or when it happened.  He then continued on to explain that when they got married he lied to her thinking he’d be able to be with one woman for the rest of his life and he feels an undying need to destroy things including their relationship but he still loves her and wants their family (baby on the way) to remain in tact.  He asked me to talk to her because as most of my friends know I seem to think like a guy to a certain extent and I completely believe in sex without emotion or feelings, most of my relationships are “open” and it’s probably how I manage not to ever get attached to men.

When I talked to his wife she was obviously upset about the situation and sat around crying on my shoulder telling me with a new baby on the way hearing the man she loved tell her she wasn’t enough hurt a lot.  I listened to her cry and told her point blank that when I had a fling with her husband (before they were together) I never saw any redeeming relationship qualities in him…he was just amazing in bed (which based on her stories she never even took advantage of) and that was it.  She eventually came to the conclusion that she would just have to put up with this because she loves S and wanted him to be happy and content even if it made her miserable.

This goes back to the conversation I had with my friend earlier…why is it so many women are willing to put up with crap that a man would never put up with?  Men are always so vocal about what’s going on with them and what makes them happy…S told his wife point blank he’d be pissed and leave her immediately if she ever tried to sleep with another man but he thinks it’s okay for him to sleep with other random women????  I also wonder about some of the wives that knew their husbands were sleeping with me and kept their mouths shut about it…it makes me wonder why women constantly act like such idiots and let men walk all over us…I’m not even saying take it to the next level and get too vocal or physical about things like this but what posses you to stay with a man who clearly has no respect for you or your relationship?

I’ve been with men who obviously still love their wives and just need more satisfaction outside of the bedroom but I’ve noticed that while a man will go get what he wants from a woman like me a women will fake an orgasm or keep quiet about terrible sex at the risk of what????  I’ve always wondered why women put up with crap and men do not….


About C.X.Love

I'm the woman that most females hate...I am the other woman in your relationship or in some cases just the woman your husband had an affair with...this MY side of the story, not that you care but maybe some of you can protect your relationships from me...or maybe some of you will just be entertained because my life is amazing...
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