How I pick a cheater…

Many women ask me how I can tell up front if a man is willing to cheat or not well there’s no catch all or end all be all but here are a few signs….

1.  He looks for excuses to not go home…this can be anywhere from staying at work longer to staying at the bar later….true something bad might have happened one night but if it’s night after night and he’s not rushing to get home to his wife (and children) that’s usually a sign he does not wanna be there…

2.  He is willing to insult his wife to me (this is my favorite one)…a man that will sit and talk negatively about his wife even in a joking manner is a man that is willing to have an affair and one that I will NEVER back off of…I’ve had men sit for hours and talk about how their wives do not keep the house clean, do not take care of them in bed, are bitches, are no longer attractive, and they even go so far as to joke that they want to send their wives the flirty texts that I send them just to rub it in their wife’s face that SOMEONE wants them…this is an important one ladies.  Probably the most important one take care of your husbands I do not know how much I can stress that especially if there is a woman like me around because the second he opens up your relationship to a women like me there’s no point of return.

3.  Everything I say/do is amazing…yes, I’m new and yes I’m fun but their wife should be too and if your man is focused on me and my accomplishments well that’s a red flag…I’ve had some of the few women who have found out about me and confronted me even tell me they sort of knew something was going on because their husbands all of a sudden came home and started talking about the amazing new girl they’d met…if this happens ladies find some way to turn the attention back on yourselves….

There are obviously many more ways to actually tell but these are the top 3 signs I use…I’ve also found that because of being the other woman for so long when my female friends come to me with questions about sneaky men I am almost 100% accurate on their cheating here is how I can tell if a man is a cheater…

1.  This is an obvious one but he lies for seemingly no reason and when he’s caught he flips the blame on you and asks you why you’re checking up on him…your man should not lie about where he is, where he’s going, where he has been, etc. if he does there’s an obvious reason for it and it’s even worse if he tries to make you out to be the bad guy for confronting him about it…

2.  His normal routine changes…is he all of a sudden adding an extra shower in the second he comes home (because he doesn’t want you to smell me)?  is he in general spending less time at home and more time at places you cannot actually reach him at?  this isn’t always a sign of cheating but it’s something to watch for if it happens overnight and without any specific reason…I might be taking up more of his spare time than you realize…

3.  Are you fighting more than normal?  As the other woman I have to maintain an almost “perfect” life in your husband’s eyes…he’ll never hear about a terrible day from me or hear me complain that he doesn’t do something but I will tell him how amazing he is, how good he makes me feel and send him messages to make him smile whenever I can…….if your husband is all of a sudden picking fights with you over seemingly small things that’s another red flag…there could be a woman like me in the picture making him feel good about himself and he’ll find every excuse to go off on you so he can tell me all about his bitch wife the next time we speak….he’ll also view everything you do as nagging because I don’t do it…

4.  Is he talking about me?  This also again isn’t always a sign of cheating but it is a sign of your husband’s infatuation with me….are you always hearing about a funny joke I said?  a dress I wore?  charity work I did?  etc…  depending on how your husband meets me discretion might not be a strong point of his especially if I’m a new girl at work or someone you’d feel slightly non threatened by to begin with….if you’re hearing a lot about me I’m obviously in your husband’s mind for a reason 😉

5.  has your relationship changed?  is your husband all of a sudden distant?  do you no longer speak?  if that’s the case…maybe he’s speaking to me…because I will not berate him and make him think less of himself for any reason…I’ll simply offer my opinion if he asks and leave it at that…


Just a bit of insight into what some of you women should be looking for….


About C.X.Love

I'm the woman that most females hate...I am the other woman in your relationship or in some cases just the woman your husband had an affair with...this MY side of the story, not that you care but maybe some of you can protect your relationships from me...or maybe some of you will just be entertained because my life is amazing...
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