Unsure of an affair

I walked into JCS (a bar) and sat next to WS…he was an adorable man I wasn’t sure at first if he was as willing to ignore the wedding ring on his finger but I was and that was all that mattered to me…after a few minutes of mindless chat he brought up his wife and actually talked to her on the phone which made me smile because I could definitely read through the lines and as much as he was trying to avoid me I knew the evening would end up with he and I in bed.  I found out all his basics mainly his job, that he was in town for business,  married for five years and was extremely unhappy with his wife…

I know this sounds a bit odd coming from a girl like me but I have a serious issue with men who sit and do nothing but trash their significant other especially to the woman they’re about to cheat on her with…it seems extremely tacky and I do not want to hear about how your wife can’t cook, can’t clean, is terrible in bed, etc….so after listening to WS complain about this for at least an hour I had to smile…not only did I have plans to sleep with this man…I now had plans to make sure his wife found out exactly how much of a pig her man was….

I had arrived at the bar with some friends so when WS was invited to a post-bar party at my friend’s out I was surprised he actually came…it seemed as though he had even forgotten he was married or maybe he genuinely did not care about this woman who he spent hours trashing at the bar and at my friend’s house after he left the bar….it was not until after we left my friend’s house that I made my move and asked if he wanted to sober up together in his hotel room…he immediately agreed so after a quick stop at CVS for Gatorade, water and condoms (always safe) we were in his hotel room and he wasted almost no time by making the first move and passionately kissing me…

The kissing which started on the sofa eventually found us on the bed and he slowly undressed me and started kissing every inch of my body which surprised me that he was being so passionate with a complete stranger…it also surprised me that he seemed so unwilling to wear a condom but I told him if he didn’t put one on he was done for the night so he eventually agreed…I won’t go too much into the rest of the details because I happen to know his wife is reading this and I think a play by play of what her husband did with me is more than she can handle so let’s just say he confirmed many times not only to me that I rocked his world and it was the best sex of his life to date…sadly this boy was going pay dearly for sex with me because the second he passed out I unlocked his phone and got his wife’s phone number and sent her a text as I walked out of the hotel room letting her know that her husband was fairly decent in bed and thanking her for allowing me to borrow him for the night…

I had to give this woman credit she really wanted to believe her husband would never have an affair and immediately responded with that but eventually came to her senses that there is no reason a random girl from the DMV would hit her up and her husband eventually came clean from what I could tell….he swears they’ll work through this…but for her sake I hope she finds better….


Lessons learned for women:
-if your husband is away on business suggest he orders take out/deliver and eats in his room that way he won’t meet a girl at a bar
-if you call your husband and he’s sitting at a bar with a female ask him to call you when he’s back in the room and keep him on the phone for awhile even if you trust him…there are women like me in the world
-make sure your man is happy at home…this man spoke for hours about how bad sex was with his wife, how messy the house was, how bad of a cook she was, etc…if you feel it’s not your job to take care of your man’s needs then join the femi-nazi’s or realize another female will take care of some of his needs


About C.X.Love

I'm the woman that most females hate...I am the other woman in your relationship or in some cases just the woman your husband had an affair with...this MY side of the story, not that you care but maybe some of you can protect your relationships from me...or maybe some of you will just be entertained because my life is amazing...
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3 Responses to Unsure of an affair

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  2. Holden says:

    Great advice, I travelled a lot at one time, internationally. I never left my hotel room in Brasil too much temptation there. Even eating in the hotel restaurant in jerkwater America can lead to unwanted temptations.

  3. jmoriss says:

    Wow. Your heart is hard for a young woman. Beauty fades… My dear.

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